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Love Your 4 Minute Fitness?

Now make it even better by learning advanced tai chi and qigong secrets taught in this live 4 Minute Fitness Seminar. Only a few thousand people year can experience all the excitement, all the interaction, the spontaneous humor, and even the bloopers of Keith's popular presentation. Now YOU can have a front row seat!

Why watch this DVD? It's like an Advanced training. Your 4 Minute Fitness DVD is one hour long. The newer 4 Minute Fitness Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body SEMINAR DVD is 2 hours long. More time spent means you learn even more! Learn more = feel better!

Every small aspect of your 4 Minute Fitness movement and thinking is designed to create positive changes in your life. This DVD increases your understanding and skill level.

By watching this Live Seminar, you will see 4 Minute Fitness in a different light, a different energy. This new awareness will open many more doors for you!

You will finish with more enthusiasm, more energy and a greater commitment to your daily 4 minutes.

Take a seat to enjoy the spontaneous humor, the energy of the crowd, the questions and interactions - all designed to help you feel GREAT!

Note: This is a supplementary DVD meant to further increase your benefits. Before ordering this DVD, be sure you are currently ordering (or already have in your possession) the 4 Minute Fitness DVD. This DVD is to be used to get even more benefits from your 4 Minute Fitness daily.

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