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4 Minute Fitness - British Columbia schedule

As of 2014 - we are only offering 4 Minute Fitness to Businesses and Organizations...

Please call toll free 1 866 682-4244

ONE CLASS ONLY, great by itself or as a supplement to your t'ai chi, yoga, meditation or Pilates practice!

For better or worse, the name of this technique produces intrigue and skepticism. Please do not let the skepticism stop you from attending.

4 Minute Fitness incorporates a wellness breakthrough known as "Layered Practice". We take key secrets from tai chi, yoga, qi gong, meditation, deep breathing, modern science and motivational techniques and do them simultaneously, rather than one at a time.

The whole process takes 4 minutes and can improve balance, flexibility, strength, immune function and breathing.

Experience the immediate effects of positive thinking and increased energy, knowing that you can access that feeling anytime after the class.

These exercises can be done standing or sitting by anyone, any age. Feel more relaxed, loving and content. Feel alive in just 4 minutes.

Keith has presented this session to businesses and organizations all over North America, as well as to the US Department of Defense four times in Tokyo and once in Guam and Okinawa.


Class Schedule - Vancouver Island and Vancouver (click on location)

Vancouver and Lower Mainland
North Vancouver

Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge

Vancouver Island

Parksville/Qualicum Beach
Cowichan - Duncan
Port Alberni

Other Areas in BC

Parksville - Nanaimo

4 Minute Fitness

- Nov. 12, 2008 from 7 - 9:55 pm
at Oceanside Middle School
Drop in - no registration
Click here

Qualicum Beach - Nov. 13, 2008 from 1 - 3:50 PM
at the Qualicum Beach Community Center
Drop in - no registration
Click here


4 Minute Fitness - November 19, 2008   7 - 9:50 pm
at Beban Park Social Lounge.
Drop in - no registration
Click here


4 Minute Fitness - Nov. 23, 2008 from 7 - 9:50 pm
at the Florence Filberg Centre in Courtenay.
411 Anderton Avenue.

Call Courtenay Recreation at 338-5371 or 338-1000 or stop by the Lewis or Filberg Centres in Courtenay.

Take the main street (Cliffe Avenue) to end and take a right. At the bottom of the hill (stop sign), take another right onto Anderton. We are the building at the end of the street (white with a blue roof).

Cowichan/Duncan, BC

4 Minute Fitness - Spring 2009 - TBA at the Cowichan Centre (Heritage Hall), 2687 James St., Duncan.

Call 748-7529 to register.


4 Minute Fitness - choose from TWO classes

Monday, Nov. 17, 2008

1. Afternoon session  1 - 4 PM.
        (course# 266364)
at Pearkes Recreation Center

2. Evening session  7 - 9:45 PM.
        (course# 266366)
at Pearkes recreation Centre
from 7 to 9:45 pm.

Register for either class at  Pearkes Recreation Center 475-5400 or come to Pearkes in person.

More information - click here


Vancouver and Lower Mainland

North Vancouver

4 Minute Fitness

Spring, 2009 - TBA

Evening session  7 - 9:45 PM.
at the Delbrooke RecCentre

Delbrooke RecCentre, 600 W. Queens Road.)

Register - (604) 983-6388  or
(604) 987-PLAY  (604) 987-7529

Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge -

4 Minute Fitness

Date Spring, 2009 - TBA
at the Map
le Ridge Leisure Centre
11925 Haney Place

Register - 604-465-2470   Course #105530


4 Minute Fitness

DateTBA  from 7 - 9:45 PM


Other Areas in BC 

Locally, call 468-9950
Out of Town -call toll free (866) 682-4244

Benefits of these practices

In other words, "why on earth would I spend an evening, or a series of evenings attending these classes? What's in it for me?"
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Back Health

A tragically large number of people in modern society have back problems (in fact, lower back pain is the number two reason people miss work!). 4 Minute Fitness™ and Easy Tai Chi™ gently rotate and exercise each vertebra, creating more spinal flexibility and movement.

More flexible spines lead to better movement and improves sports performance (baseball, golf, tennis etc.)

Fall Prevention

And as we age, our balance slowly and insidiously worsens until one day, we fall. A quarter of all older people who break hips are dead within a year. Better balance comes from daily practice. Use it or... lose it.

Take action now! 4 Minute Fitness and Easy Tai Chi™ will improve your strength and balance by working the CORE muscles of the body in the same way Pilates and yoga offer core strength.

Stress Relief

Both practices are extremely effective in reducing stress and increasing vitality. Slow, powerful movement, combined with deep re-vitalizing breathing produces relaxation almost immediately.

Sronger Immune System leads to Healthier Days

Your immune system requires movement and deep breathing daily to be strong and effective.

Improves any Activity!

4 Minute Fitness™ and Easy Tai Chi™ are a perfect supplement to any sport or activity.

 If you have particular questions,
call Keith at (866) 682-4244 after 9 am Pacific.


Dr. Keith Jeffery
"A revolutionary approach"



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