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These packages are for people who want to jump right in - to immerse themselves into Tai Chi learning!


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Welcome! You have Two Choices.

1. The Works
(Includes THREE DVD's - the 4 Minute Fitness, Tai Chi for Busy People AND Easy Tai Chi CORE)

Step ONE - Review the three DVD's (below)
Step TWO - Review the optional half price add-on products
Step THREE- Choose your package and place your order

2. The Ultimate Success Package
Our most complete package. It has everything. No choices to worry about.

STEP ONE - review the DVD's

1.  The Works - a three DVD series
           (plus three possible add-ons below)

- Begin with 4 Minute Fitness DVD

A wonderful compliment to tai chi, and even easier to learn. Although you don't know what to expect, trust that tens of thousands of people LOVE this approach to mind body wellness. And remember our thirty day money back guarantee, so give it a try!

4 Minute Fitness takes key principles from tai chi, yoga, qi gong and meditation, add deep breathing to produce a state of relaxation, then use mental and motivational exercises to reduce stress hormones and increase the neurochemicals that make you feel peaceful, grateful and relaxed. Learn today, practice tomorrow, with immediate results. DVD and VHS tapes. (more)

- Then start the Tai Chi for Busy People DVD

 A small number of traditional tai chi moves taught thoroughly (better to practice a few moves well than many poorly) in a step by step manner that fits any schedule.

A revolutionary approach to learning tai chi. DVD plus a free follow along audio CD digital download for your phone, tablet or laptop to use as guidance after learning from the DVD. (more).

- Then finish with the NEW Easy Tai Chi CORE DVD

Brand new (DVD only). Level TWO tai chi filled with key secrets of tai chi movement. Another few minutes of graceful, flowing tai chi that can be done alone OR added on to the end of the Tai Chi for Busy People movements (a short form in the morning, another in the evening or one longer, flowing form). These moves are designed to further exercise your core, increasing flexibility, enhancing immune function and reducing back pain. (more)


STEP TWO - Possible Add-Ons to Maximize Benefits!
Customize your order and save over 50% when added to your package!

1.   Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body DVD

"I want to know more about using my mind to heal my body!"
This DVD is a LIVE 4 Minute Fitness seminar. Learn the basics from the 4 Minute Fitness DVD (see above), then watch this DVD to learn many advanced details that will dramatically increase your mind and body benefits. This live
4 Minute Fitness Seminar DVD is a pile of fun.
Find out why Keith has been called a delightful combination of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Robin Williams and Dr. Phil! Thousands of people a year attend this powerful session. For just $10, you can join Keith for a life changing evening and learn how to change your thoughts to change your life! DVD only (

2.   Easy Weight Loss for Busy People

"I want to lose weight!"
Easy - just add the "Easy Weight Loss for Busy People" to any package for just $10.An audio CD filled with dozens of ways to lose weight without calorie counting. Tired of fad diets? Then take Keith's practical approach to getting the most out of each bite while feeling the pounds disappear! And - learn how to survive restaurants! (more)

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STEP THREE - Place your order

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    For just $10, please add your Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body DVD (save 50%) and help me double my benefits! (more)
    For just $10, please add your Easy Weight Loss audio CD and help me lose weight! Save $10 (more)
NEW - ADD FREE digital copies (downloads) for your phone or tablet


   Discounts, exciting research, motivation, Q&A - just 6 times a year



2. The Ultimate success package

This is our most comprehensive package. It is perfect for people wanting the value of weekly classes, but without the weekly time commitment. And without the monthly fees.

Your purchase gives you almost all of our products and a LIFETIME membership, plus a high level of support.

If this extraordinary package is of interest, please click here


Dr. Keith Jeffery
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