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Frequently Asked Questions

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BRIEF OVERVIEW   "It all sounds great. Could you give me a brief overview, a summary of the process?"

"Why is your Certification program superior to others"

"I have absolutely no martial arts or t'ai chi experience. Can I become an effective Easy Tai Chi and 4 Minute Fitness teacher?"

"I already teach yoga and karate classes. Why should I take your program?"

"I understand the significant business potential teaching weekly Easy Tai Chi courses, but I don't know much about 4 Minute Fitness. What potential does it offer?"

"How can you certify teachers when you don't work with them in person?"

"What kind of income can I make?"

"What is Web Based Distance Learning?"

"You say the web based course is about 18 weeks. Is the time spent flexible?"

"Is your format inflexible or can we use our own experience in teaching?"

"Why is your program so inexpensive compared to other certification programs of any kind?"

"I live overseas. Are their opportunities for me to teach?"

"As a wheelchair user, could I become an instructor?"

IMPORTANT - How to Choose a Certification Program


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)   "It all sounds great. Could you give me a brief overview, a summary of the process?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)    Sure. There is a lot to this program, but it really is very simple and step by step. In fact, I should have called it "Easy Tai Chi Certification for Busy People"... After you sign up, this is what happens...

I send you the Easy Tai Chi (Tai Chi for Busy People) DVD package, the 4 Minute Fitness DVD, The Heal your Body, Heal your Mind Live 4 Minute Fitness Seminar DVD, Easy Tai Chi CORE DVD and the Easy Weight Loss for Busy People CD.

PLUS I send the link to "Be the Best You Can Be" - Part One of your web based distance learning Teachers Manual - designed to supplement your video lessons. This manual is not a book and is continually upgraded and improved.

In a manner so successful in Hot Yoga Certification courses, you will memorize a script describing each of the moves in detail. Not only will your personal practice improve, you will feel super confident when teaching.

You take as little time or as long as you want to learn from the videos and web pages. Enjoy the process.

During your learning period, I provide continued support by sending regular teaching emails. As well, I am available by phone.

When you are ready, you send a video tape of your movement. I play it through my computer and review your movements and teaching skill.

Note  - it is not necessary to attend a seminar to achieve first level Leader certification, but many people choose to be Certified at a Seminar for the additional training and one on one support.

You and I sign an agreement. In essence, you will be authorized to use my techniques and we form a team.

That said, I encourage flexibility within the system. Add all you know to the process - make it yours.

Once you are Certified, I then send another link to
Part Two of your Teachers Manual - the Ready-to-Go Business Manual. This manual is Not a book -- it is continually updated and improved.

We will be working together for years to come. All the manuals are "living" manuals in that I will be continually adding pages, ideas, and updates all identified so you can see changes immediately. It will just get better and better.

Remember - my goal is to have as many people as possible moving gently and fully, breathing deeply and thinking positively thoughts. To that end, I am committed to the success of the teachers within my organization.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)   "Why is your Certification program superior to others"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)   Many very, very important reasons. If you are still unsure after reading these reasons, call me toll-free at 866-682-4244 after 9 a.m. Pacific.

Most importantly - you get TWO completely different Certifications, two different possible career directions - for the price of one. Both can offer dramatic life changes for your students. And both can create significant income for you.

1. You will be authorized to use the terms Easy Tai Chi tm, Tai Chi for Busy People tm and 4 Minute Fitness tm. When it comes to business potential, it is vital to appeal to a huge market.  These terms appeal to almost everyone, especially those who have tried and failed at the varied traditional Tai Chi approaches. And 4 Minute Fitness can be help everyone - including those with limited mobility.

2. You cannot learn to teach tai chi and qi gong effectively from a one-hour video and book. They may be cheaper to purchase, but, as you know, you get what you pay for.

Our certification program includes over five hours of training videos, an in depth
Script, PLUS an increasing number of web site video clips available to participants. And support e-mails that I send

3. Our web based manual improves continually as we continue to add ideas offering better ways to teach and better ways to market.  This method is much superior to a book, which can be out of date in a matter of weeks. As well, you have access to all the past support e-mails sent to participants and all future updates.

4. We have research supporting the effectiveness of the methods that we teach, research that is vitally important in creating value for potential students, businesses and organizations.

5. 4 Minute Fitness is so all-encompassing and powerful that many businesses and organizations embrace the concept.  One 4 Minute Fitness keynote address can generate $2500-$6000, making your initial $399 investment seem quite brilliant. :-)

Not only that, but I have a great deal of experience presenting to businesses and organizations and can help my well-trained teachers in their marketing to these groups.

6. Our Certified Teachers have a significantly greater income potential, not only teaching Easy Tai Chi weekly, but teaching 4 Minute Fitness to businesses, organizations, recreation centers, seniors... well, almost anyone, anywhere.

7. I anticipate that the relationships developed with my teachers will last for decades -- I am fully and completely dedicated to their success.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)    "I have absolutely no martial arts or t'ai chi experience. Can I become an effective Easy Tai Chi and 4 Minute Fitness teacher?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)     Absolutely! The Certification Course is thorough and I offer a high level of support. It may take you longer, but you can become a Certified leader within a few months. An added bonus? You will likely achieve personal benefits as you progress!

Remember - we teach you a word for word script that will make your teaching less stressful and more effective.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)    "I already teach yoga and karate classes. Why should I take your program?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)   Easy Tai Chi and 4 Minute Fitness appeal to a huge cross section of population and will help you diversify and maximize the skills you offer. Anyone, any age, any skill level can find balance, relaxation, strength and flexibility using the techniques I teach.

And 4 Minute Fitness is perfect for people with limited mobility and for seniors at any fitness level.

As well, you can incorporate your existing skills and experience into my course, personalizing it in any way you like.

If you have an existing school or overhead, or if you have a large number of students, these courses will simply increase what you have to offer and increase your income.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)    "I understand the significant business potential teaching weekly Easy Tai Chi courses, but I don't know much about 4 Minute Fitness. What potential does it offer?"


SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)   Once you experience the benefits and ease of 4 Minute Fitness, you will begin to see the huge number of possibilities. The seminar is presented in 2-3 hours, making it a perfect half day wellness session for many businesses and organizations.

And even better, the session doesn't just tell participants how to be healthier. It teaches the 4 Minute Fitness tool, so people can begin taking personal action immediately after the session finishes.

I have presented the 4 Minute Fitness seminar as keynotes and break away sessions for various organizations in conventions and retreats. I have been asked to teach employees for workplace wellness programs. Recreation Centers love the one evening sessions.

As a result of the study that demonstrated that 4 Minute Fitness was effective in reducing teacher stress, much of my work has been with teachers, usually at Professional Development days. This study is available to Certified Teachers to use for promotion.

As well, remember that 4 Minute Fitness can be done standing OR sitting, so I am beginning to work with nursing and extended care facilities, not only for residents but for staff. MS, Fibromyalgia groups, Cancer support groups, Heart and Stroke clubs - the list goes on - all find benefits from this short and easy to learn approach.

I have presented to physiotherapists, occupational therapists, health and wellness fairs... You get the picture. There are seemingly endless possibilities and only one of me, hence my desire to Certify others to work with me.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)    "How can you certify teachers when you don't work with them in person?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)    Great question. Actually, I offer personalized instruction, working with them by email, phone and video tape analysis.

As I struggled with finding new ways to help more people practice Easy Tai Chi and 4 Minute Fitness, I realized that it isn't necessary to be a master to teach.

I realized that I could use the power of the Internet combined with my in-depth teaching videos to teach the basics, creating effective teachers inexpensively and easily.

In essence, we form teaching teams to create maximum effectiveness. The teams look like this:

New teachers from around the world offer enthusiasm, energy and their connections, combined with a desire to help others breathe well and move.

Keith Jeffery - I join the team because Certified Leaders (first level teachers) are able to sell my teaching DVD to each Easy Tai Chi and/or 4 Minute Fitness student. Remember - my DVD's alone have taught thousands of people these methods - they are stand alone, effective teaching videos. They are even more effective when combined with your personal teaching and enthusiasm.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)    "What kind of income can I make?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)    Of course, I cannot predict your income, but I can offer possibilities. Much will depend on your enthusiasm and persistence and desire. Some of the Certification students want to teach just a few classes a year, others are gung ho and want to work at it full time. Here are some examples:

Our very first Certified Leader offered classes following the guidelines presented in the Ready-to-Go Business Manual. His first 14 week class attracted 30 students @ $99 each for a total of $2970. He has paid his training investment many times over with the first class and generated a significant profit.

His next Easy Tai Chi class class has almost 40 students pre-registered and an upcoming 4 Minute Fitness seminar has 30+ registrants -over $4700 more in income.

In my case, seminars and classes offer a major part of my income. My Easy Tai Chi classes often have 30-50 students (30 is about maximum for one teacher. I have several Instructors to help me with classes, especially when numbers are over 50).

My 4 Minute Fitness 2-3 hour sessions usually gross $2000 - 4000 per session to small groups, and $2500 - $6000 when offered by a business or organization to employees or members. I have weeks where I present several sessions.


To order the Certification package, click here


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)    "What is Web Based Distance Learning?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)    New Certification students use my DVD's and over 110 web pages to learn the basics in teaching movement and in the "business" and marketing aspects of their new career.

Each new student fills out a questionnaire so both of us are clear on anticipated goals. Some students want to teach a few classes a year, others want to make teaching 4 Minute Fitness and Easy Tai Chi a full time career, offering a full time income.

I then take advantage of more technology to evaluate each student from a video they send of their movement.

And I keep in touch with my students by email or phone. I am dedicated to their success and do whatever I can to help them reach their goals.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)    "You say the web based course is about 20 weeks. Is the time spent flexible?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)     That's the beauty of web based distance learning. Go at your own pace! If you are already skilled in t'ai chi practice and the martial arts, then you have the opportunity to progress as rapidly as you want. If you have a full schedule, or are in no rush, or if all this is new to you, you are able to progress at whatever speed you like.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)    "Is your format inflexible or can we use our own experience in teaching?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)     Many certification programs are rigid, with strict teaching requirements and formats. From my perspective, I feel it is advantageous to students if their teachers draw from all their experiences.

Many of the folks taking the certification program have skills in t'ai chi, yoga, and many martial arts. Many are highly skilled professionals. I encourage all my teachers to personalize their lessons.

Of course, we all need to be consistent in the teaching of the basic movements so the videos will be effective home study aids, but over and above that, I encourage flexibility.

Initially, you will memorize scripts - to help increase your confidence and teaching proficiency. When you memorize them, you will feel so much more confident when you begin teaching. But of course - with time you will make it "you".


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)   "Why is your program so inexpensive compared to others?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)    As an overview, in the big picture for me financially, I am able to charge very little for the Certification program because new teachers regularly purchase DVD's in quantity at wholesale. They use the DVD's to increase the effectiveness of their teaching methods and their business income, so everyone wins.

The only income I make after certification is from the DVD sales. In return, I offer continued phone and email support, teacher newsletters filled with ideas, business and class manual upgrades, market testing and new approaches and I serve as a connection amongst all the teachers to share ideas and success.

Remember - my number one goal is to have increasing numbers of people introduced into easy and effective methods of mind-body fitness. I want to have a long and mutually rewarding relationship with my partners.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)   "I live overseas. Are their opportunities for me to teach?"

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)    There are worldwide opportunities. I have teachers going through the program in many countries. The tapes are available in PAL format, NTSC format or in DVD, and the program itself is offered over the Internet with over 120 teaching pages. Our DVD's are "region free" - they play everywhere in the world

Simply order on the web page in US$, and you can begin immediately. Or we can talk by phone if you wish - whatever is best for you. Click here to order.

This program has been very well accepted and is evolving to meet the needs of the participants and new teachers.


SY00403_.WMF (4974 bytes)   As a wheelchair user, could I become an instructor?

SY00381_.WMF (3464 bytes)   Absolutely! 4 Minute Fitness is designed to be effective for people both standing and sitting. In fact, each exercise on the video is taught in a sitting position, and is very effective in upper body and spinal movement.

You can also modify the Easy Tai Chi for sitting, but your main focus would be teaching 4 Minute Fitness in that it is so all-encompassing.

Many people going through the course are planning to teach 4 Minute Fitness without Easy Tai Chi. I would be happy to help you with any question you have as you are learning, especially around teaching people with limited mobility


Dr. Keith Jeffery
"A revolutionary approach"



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