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Wellness Business Opportunity!

Be the first in your area to TEACH

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Your Certification Package teaches you TWO unique and diverse methods, both of which are integral parts of your learning. As a result, you will have TWO completely different career possibilities, both with significant income potential. BOTH for an amazingly low price.

    1. Motivational Health and Wellness Speaker
    2. Easy Tai Chi Teacher

Choose to teach one or both for the same low price.

Complete Distance Learning - learn at home using our unique and effective teaching process!  In a short time, in the comfort of your own home, you can become a health and wellness leader, helping others find peace, flexibility, balance and relaxation.

Best of all - no prior experience is necessary, as you will learn and memorize a detailed script (we use the same techniques used by the wildly successful Hot Yoga Teacher programs).

Before you spend your time and money, read this:

IMPORTANT - How to Choose a Certification Program
Teacher Certification FAQ and Brief Overview - click here
NEW! Certification Participant Comments - click here
Student Testimonials  -click here

Then Listen to this audio message

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Two Career Possibilities

  1. Motivational Health and Wellness Speaker/Trainer

Become a wellness speaker! Earn up to $1000 per event or more. Teach a powerful and proven method to businesses and organizations designed to improve overall physical wellness and mental attitudes. Offer evening seminars through Recreation Centers, Community Centers and the "Y".

For an overview of the 4 Minute Fitness tm process - click here
(These brochures are available to you at cost for marketing purposes.)

4 Minute Fitness tm seminars in the workplace or as keynote presentations teach employees a powerful mind body wellness technique that can almost instantly transform a workplace. 4 Minute Fitness tm in the work place saves employers money!

These seminars are so much fun to teach.  Watch an entire room transform from skeptical to excited in less than an hour. You and your audience will have a terrific time!

We offer full marketing support, including effective techniques designed to almost instantly create value for you and your program.

Businesses and organizations routinely pay me $2000 - $6000 plus all expenses for a half day seminar. In fact, we were recently keynote presenters offered to 10,000+ people in one organization over an 8 day period.

With patience, practice and skill development, you may create the same opportunities.

We also show you how to easily offer evening seminars through Recreation and Community Centers. We can show you how to teach 20 - 500 people in one evening, depending on your desires and goals.

Your Certification package comes with the 4 Minute Fitness tm Seminar DVD. You will see the whole process - step by step - and watch as the audience transforms!  As well - this is a powerful learning tool for you.  More

To help you understand the process and potential, click here to read a full page newspaper feature article and Evening News Clip.

  2. Easy Tai Chi tm Teacher

Become an Easy Tai Chi tm teacher - in as little as four months. Make a difference while making a significant income. The vast majority of people who attend traditional tai chi classes will quit in frustration. Become a leader in your community by teaching Easy Tai Chi tm - a small number of powerful tai chi movements taught in depth. Students love this method!

Offer weekly classes privately or through Community or Recreation Centers or the "Y".

Your Certification program will help you attain maximum benefits from your own practice, while earning a part time or full time income making a difference in your community.

The first goal is to maximize your benefits so you will absolutely love your Easy Tai Chi tm practice. There is no time limit - progress quickly or take your time and certify at your convenience.

Once Certified, we offer the complete "Ready to Go tm" Business manual, full of class plans, effective marketing strategies, continuing education and more.

5 minutes of powerful and effective tai chi can dramatically reduce stress levels, increase strength and flexibility and circulation, increase focus and concentration in your students.

Earn extra income from your teaching. Add an extra income stream to your life. Every twenty students can generate $2400 or more of gross income over 3 months. Teach as many classes as you like.

NEW! Now you can keep your students longer by offering second level Easy Tai Chi CORE tm classes. A new series of movements that can be added to the Tai Chi for Busy People form OR done as a short stand alone form. More

On line Distance Training - Here is how it works

Step One  - You receive the complete Ultimate package

        ... T'ai Chi for Busy People video or DVD package
        ... 4 Minute Fitness video or DVD
        ... NEW! Easy Tai Chi CORE DVD
        ... 4 Minute Fitness Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body Seminar DVD
        ... Easy Weight Loss for Busy People audio CD

... NEW! Over 24 additional advanced on-line video clips

- a detailed questionnaire for goal setting and personalized coaching with Keith
- a complete, detailed Script. So easy, anyone can teach!

- " Be the Best You Can Be! "
- your "personal results" training manual. Over 80 hidden instructional web pages offering 20+ weeks (can be done at any rate) of additional training as follows:

Section One - warm ups and exercises designed to supplement your video learning experience
- your complete Script
- progress and results journaling
- stimulating readings and fun assignments
 - personalized coaching and skilled guidance to keep you on track!
- on-line advanced video clips

Section Two -
advanced techniques and various intriguing methods to improve your tai chi and movement experience and dramatically increase your benefits
Section Three - illustrated common problems and corrections for each movement
Section 4 - 24 more advanced video clips ready to click and view or download and view. All sorts of exciting ways to improve your skills, maximize your benefits and improve your teaching ability.

Step Two
(after video evaluation and certification)
Your receive the READY-To-GO tm MANUAL
Over 100 private web pages laid out as follows:

- complete Easy Tai Chi
tm class plans for 14 weeks

- 4 Minute Fitness tm script and extra teaching video
- a special 4 Minute Fitness teaching video
- outline for Free Introductory night

- handout and flyer templates
- beginning and session ending newsletter templates
- marketing strategies - what makes us unique
- effective partnerships
- methods to attract students
- where to offer classes
- where to find students
- room rental ideas and space requirements
- generic marketing web pages you can use in flyers, course descriptions and for general reference.

- press releases
- advertising approaches and guidelines
- advertisements that have worked

- Easy T'ai Chi logo for advertising and T-shirts

- speaking tips
- readings, both humorous and wise
- philosophy

- basic health and science information
- easy anatomy
- immune system information
- new science on improving mood and attitude and more

1. Regular newsletters and emails for your students
2. Regular "business and teacher support" emails and ideas

Plus... authorization to use the Easy Tai Chi tm and 4 Minute Fitness tm name and protocol.

How are you Certified?

One of two ways.
Either send a DVD or video of you teaching the moves (using the script provided), or upload your video to YouTube. Note. There is an additional charge for this evaluation - currently $120 - to be paid at the time of evaluation.
2. Attend a Symposium (additional seminar charges apply).

May we help you decide? Call us.
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Canadian? Pay be credit card in Canadian dollars. Call us.

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  Price US$ 689 less savings of $390 = US $299
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Please include Digital Downloads
Check here to add our First time Business Jump Start Special - $99.
 (Retail value - $360). Package includes:
  - TEN  Tai Chi for Busy People DVD's
  - EIGHT  4 Minute Fitness DVD's
  - TWO Easy Weight Loss for Busy People CD's

Keep for inventory or sell immediately to help finance your Certification fees. This is a one time offer.

               100% SECURE


Advanced Training - Next Step

There are various teaching levels and steps you may wish to take after you have become Certified. For more information, click here. 


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