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People LOVE 4 Minute Fitness - page 4

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)     "Just bought your "Four Minute" exercise and "Tai Chi for Busy People" and my wife and I love them. The Four Minute exercises have given my sixty eight year old wife a good feeling of well being and has improved her balance. My seventy four year old body is in good shape and I but do enjoy doing the exercises with her. If I were younger I would be first in line to take your instructors courses. I studied Tai Chi some years ago and it is nice to see and use an effective, but simple form of the art."
    T. Sowers, Idaho

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I am loving it!!! Not only is it good for my body... it is sanctuary for my soul and food for my mind. THANK YOU!!! You are very inspiring and bring a peace and quiet dignity to that short time..."
    G. Schneider, KS

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    Recently I bought your video " 4 Minute Fitness", and I fell in love with Tai Chi. Now I want to buy your video " Tai Chi for Busy People"."
    R. González de León,  México

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I been working with the "4 Minute Workout" tape. I love it. I do the exercises all through the day (sometimes 5 or 6 times a day). Very easy to do anytime and anyplace ... and I always feel great afterwards."
    M. Luca, NY

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)     "I have some comments for you that you can feel free to post on your web site as a testimonial. The videotape was produced well, and the movements are easy. You don't have to spend a lot of time learning intricate poses, which put me off from learning tai chi in the past. This will definitely be a daily practice for me."
    K. Smith, CA

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)   "I purchased " the package" and have been working the 4 minute fitness and have focused on learning the Tai Chi movements. Thank you so much for delivering the instructions in such a clear, concise and calm manner. Normally I become at least a little stressed when trying to learn something new but your approach was very soothing to me and I now find myself wanting to do the Tai Chi more than several times during the day.
The movements I'm now doing ( with your instruction ) have helped me tremendously already. I'm finding much less pain in my back, I know my balance is better and I am finding that I take more fulfilling ( much deeper ) breaths more often. This is the only type of exercise I've been able to do since my third back operation and I am enjoying it very much."
S. Carver, Missouri

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the video. I know enough about yoga and tai chi to appreciate how much thought and expertise went into choosing the exercises. I especially appreciate the emphasis on shoulder opening since this is a problem area for me and most of my patients. Also, I appreciated you showing how to do each exercise sitting down."
Dr. V. Campbell, Alabama

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "Thank you for such an easy to follow and enjoyable video. I'm starting with 4 minute fitness and feel encouraged and refreshed and more positive as I start to make the changes I need to make to improve my health."
    J. Edwards, BC

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)   "Yes I have begun my 4 Minute T'ai Chi, and yes it is great. I do this early in the morning, and It does start my day off in a positive way. Once again, I can not relay how much I really needed something easy to do and understand, this is the best medicine one could take. I plan to continue with this for a very long time."
    Karen, Alabama,

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I am a paraplegic. I turned mental cartwheels when you did the exercises from a sitting position. It was so awesome. I am absolutely adoring the program! I would seriously recommend this program for anyone with a disability such as paralysis. It's easy and it WORKS. After going through the moves ONCE I felt a difference. Your product has answered a prayer."
     L. Hall, Tennessee

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I personally do a lot of exercises and yoga, I find the 4 minute routine very quick and comfortable for me to do, since I'm 56 and have had a few sports injuries in the past."
    D. Zimms, Guam

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)   "I have been practicing 4 Minute Fitness everyday since I left Tokyo and the Asst. Principal's Conference in January. I no longer feel stiff. My muscles and joints feel flexible, toned and relaxed. Thank you!!"
    Stephanie Rogstad, Tokyo

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)   "We both bought your video and it is just splendid. In no time at all we will be nauseatingly fit. Thank you so much!"
    L. Drummond, BC

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I really enjoy your sense of humor (humor is a tool I use in my life to combat stress, pain and other unavoidable unpleasantries) and the simple way you break down the magical movements.... Moderate movement like the Easy tai Chi and 4 minute Fitness, I like it."
    P. Katz, NY

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I would just like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Keith's team and in creating the video which I believe could help millions! I'm one of them.... Whenever panic/anxiety attacks me during a stressful day in the office, I would go inside our office's bathroom and do the 4-minute fitness and I would come out refreshed and calm."
    Eric, United Arab Emirates

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes) "I just got your 2 tapes last evening as a late Christmas present to myself. I did the 4-Minute Exercise Video and loved it. Exactly what I am needing in this part of my life. I just wanted to drop you a line and say "Thank You" for the super videos. How better to get your life back under control then by doing exercises with affirmations. May God Bless you for all the "smiles" and good health you have spread around the planet."
    K. Jones, Kansas

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I was given your tape as a gift. I have severe FM at times crippling. I want you to know I have regained much of my balance. I want to thank your from my heart."
    K. Sorenson, (location unknown)

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  I showed my class your 4 Minute Fitness video and everyone loved it and asked me to play it a few times more. It continues to help me enormously and fits into my lifestyle very well."
     J. Hirnshall, Vancouver

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I received the 4 Minute Fitness and I am enjoying very much using it. It is really easy and fun to do. There are times when you read comments of this kind, they seem too good to be true. But in this case, all the positive comments I read about the tape are real."
     M. Shahar, Israel

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "The tapes are great, informative, easy to follow, and very well thought out."
     C. Capili, Hawaii

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I love your video - and the locations it was filmed. I am so glad I found your site on the net."
     J. Ruhl, Pennsylvania

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I received the tapes as order, and after reviewing them, I AM EXTREMELY PLEASED with their content!!! Your demonstration of technique is excellent and I feel that I am doing the moves in a competent manner. And thanks for the reminders to smile :)"
     P. Lieberman, Arizona

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I was instantly transported to one of the beautiful locations in your video... the transformation brought about by even those couple of minutes of visualization and meditative motion made a significant impact.I am really enjoying what you are teaching me. Thank you."
     S. Hogan, South Carolina

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your using your 4 Minute (sometimes extended) Fitness workout over the past few months. It's a great thing to do while you're waiting for the morning coffee. And I employ your 'Power Phrases' while doing my lazy, mile long backstroke."
     B. Gingher, North Carolina

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I feel happy, healthy, vibrant, positive and empowered when I do them.The 4 Minute Fitness exercises are fabulous!"
     C. Hillstrom, Vancouver

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I received my videos and I love them. I've only done the 4 Minute video for two days, but I feel so relaxed already. Can't thank you enough. I'm so thankful I found your t'ai chi!"
     B. Zehntner, Idaho



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