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The "Ultimate Success" Package
Web Based Distance Learning offering weekly classes - at home!

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In 1998, my goal was to create the most effective teaching video available to help people find benefits from just a little quality t'ai chi and movement each day. That video is T'ai Chi for Busy People.

Two years later I created 4 Minute Fitness as a stand alone video or as an adjunct to T'ai Chi for Busy People.

We have sold tens of thousands of DVD's and have received countless testimonials from satisfied purchasers over the years, so we know we have been successful in helping people achieve better health and an increased sense of peace.

But many people have asked for more. They wanted structure, advanced lessons, philosophy, reminders, corrections - they wanted a more sustained and advanced approach to t'ai chi practice.

They wanted to learn more advanced breathing techniques, more t'ai chi theory and more warm up exercises.

They wanted to know more ways to add grace, flow, meditation and strength to their movement.

But they still wanted an easy approach that would fit into busy lives.

And they wanted all this without attending seminars or
having to commit to weekly lessons.

So, I have created the Ultimate Success package, a web based distance learning course designed to be done at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Designed to REPLACE weekly classes.

This package includes "The Works!"
     - T'ai Chi for Busy People
DVD/CD download package
     - 4 Minute Fitness
     - the NEW Easy Tai Chi CORE
     - PLUS the Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body Seminar DVD
     - PLUS Easy Weight Loss for Busy People CD).
But it has a more personalized touch.

(If you already have the videos, there is a package for you. See below)

PLUS - - NEW! Over 24 additional advanced on-line video clips (available to most Internet users)

As well, you will learn:

- core strengthening exercises
- several powerful breathing techniques
- interesting stretching exercises
- strength exercises
- readings and philosophy throughout
- over a dozen different and very enlightening variations to add to your form
- more advanced t'ai chi and movement principles

- pages of corrections and ideas designed to improve your practice
- and help from me to keep you on track and increasing your personal benefits.
- plus, of course, your 10 Free Gifts

You begin by setting goals and sending them to me. Then you begin a journey of 20 weeks of lessons and readings designed to supplement your video learning. (20 weeks is a suggested time line - it's up to you. Your membership is for a LIFETIME, so you choose your pace.)

20 weeks to become stronger and more flexible, more aware of your body and mind and their fascinating connection.

20 weeks to find more focus and peace and joy.

20 weeks to improve your health and vibrancy.

I recommend you keep a journal to monitor your progress and experiences.

As an added bonus, once finished you will be eligible to upgrade to teach one or both of these methods. Click here for more details.

That said, teaching is just an option. Your main goal may be to simply feel better, stronger and more relaxed and focused.

If you have any questions, please email me or call me at toll free at 866-682-4244 between after 9 AM Pacific.

I know you will enjoy this special package. Weekly classes in the comfort of your own home - anytime!

May we help you decide? Call us.
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     The Complete "Works" Package (above)
    PLUS... our highest  level of personalized support.
    PLUS our NEW 4 Minute Fitness Seminar DVD
PLUS the Easy Weight Loss for Busy People audio CD
    PLUS - our on-line Be the Best You Can Be e-book study manual

    PLUS over 24 additional advanced on-line video clips
    PLUS invaluable support and motivation emails
    BONUS! Teacher Certification upgrade potential! (Details

         Special Offer - just US $99.97 (regular price US$ 136.97)
            PLUS - free shipping this week!
   NEW - ADD FREE digital copies (downloads) for your phone/tablet

               100% SECURE

(Please note - Ultimate and Certification packages offer lifetime memberships with
downloadable material and are excluded from the 30 day guarantee.)

I already have some of your DVD's and want to upgrade. What do I do?

Easy. You simply call us to upgrade your package. Your initial purchase price will be given to you as a credit and you will just be charged the difference.
1(866) 682-4244 after 9 AM Pacific.

Note: the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
does NOT apply to the Ultimate Package, or to any
package with downloadable material


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