4 Minute Fitness in Canada - DIGITAL

"One of the most effective, powerful, and dynamic body-mind techniques ever developed!" Any body, any age... standing or sitting. A delightful combination of tai chi, qigong, deep breathing and mind exercises ."

What can 4 minutes a day do for you?

- gently move almost every muscle and joint
- reduce pain
- improve sleep
- strengthen your back
- reduce back pain
- become more present and focused
- improve immune function
- incorporate powerful tai chi breathing techniques to help you breathe more deeply and fully all the time
- reduce stress levels almost instantly
- worry less and live in gratitude

- improve flexibility, strength, circulation and balance
- change your thought patterns from negative to positive
- change the neurochemicals in your brain to help heal your body
- decrease dangerous stress hormones and increase hormones that help you feel happy, grateful and content
- help you find balance in all aspects of your life

You will absolutely love this best selling DVD!

It is perfect for anyone with limited mobility,
and can be done in a wheelchair.

And it's completely guaranteed!

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