4 Minute Fitness in Nanaimo

Nanaimo at Beban Park (Social Lounge)

Wednesday, June 2 from 7 - 9:50 PM

Drop in.
No registration - just show up early
to be sure of securing a seat.


We are very excited to once again offer 4 Minute Fitness in Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island and look forward to meeting many of you.

Even more, we look forward to teaching this world acclaimed technique designed to improve your life in so very many ways.

Most mind-body wellness techniques take years to learn, dozens or hundreds of classes and hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

And worse - did you know that almost everyone who takes traditional tai chi, yoga qi gong and meditation classes will quit and NEVER receive the possible benefits? Sad, but true.

4 Minute Fitness is different and ever so effective. It takes just one evening to learn and can be practiced for the rest of your life - just
4 minutes a day is required (although you can do it more often if desired).

And even better, the 4 Minute Fitness DVD (or VHS video) will be available for purchase at a significantly discounted price for even more effective home practice.

There is no way to adequately describe this process, so you have no way of knowing what this event fully offers. All I can suggest sign up and to trust that you will have a terrific time.

How does 4 Minute Fitness work? Click here

DVD's available

All attendees may purchase DVD's to further enhance home practice and increase benefits. There is no obligation to buy anything while you are with us.

Mind Benefits

4 Minute Fitness helps reduce those dangerous, low level stress hormones (cortisol and adrenalin) that are devastating our society. We replace them with all sorts of positive hormones that decrease pain (endorphins), increase happiness (serotonin), increase peace and bliss (anandamine) and increase your sense of love (phenethylamine).

The best part - it is so easy!

Physical Benefits

4 Minute Fitness will help you to gently move almost all your muscles and joints, increasing general and core flexibility, enhancing immune function and slowing the aging process.

Better Breathing Produces Relaxation and Vitality

As well, you will learn a profound tai chi breathing technique that will almost instantly improve your physical and mental wellbeing and immune function.

Gentle - suitable for anyone

4 Minute Fitness is gentle and not designed to replace aerobic or resistance training. It is designed to supplement any activity you practice. It is designed to help you find peace in a hectic world and joy in every moment. It is designed to fit into any lifestyle, any time!

Potential Benefits

- decreased stress
- improved sleep
- better balance
- improved memory
- increased focus
- better breathing
- increased flexibility
- reduced pain
- reduced back pain
- stronger immune system
- lower blood pressure
- increased joy and peace
- increased strength
- increase in motivation
- increased sexuality

Business and Organizations

Keith travels worldwide working with progressive businesses and organizations. We recommend that you attend the seminar, then consider offering this session in your workplace or as a keynote for your annual conventions or seminars.

For a review of our Corporate Brochure designed to offer even more information, click here

More Information

These links may help you more fully understand the enthusiasm and the process.

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Home Learning

While you can effectively learn 4 Minute Fitness from the DVD, we highly recommend you take advantage of this rare opportunity to attend the seminar and learn so much more!

If you cannot attend, please feel free to order the 4 Minute Fitness DVD (and the 4 Minute Fitness Seminar DVD). Click here

See You Soon

I am looking forward to seeing you! These sessions are always fun and interesting! It is always fun to bring someone - ask a family member or workmate to join you for a memorable evening.


Please arrive early for the best seat.


This event often sells out, so please register early.

Recent comments

"An absolutely PROFOUND evening!"

"After attending the seminar I had the best sleep I can remember, and was very energized at work, today is the second day at work, and I feel great. I am smiling again!"

"My wife dragged me... and I am
so glad I came

"Provides a doable routine which is fun and leaves one feeling great."

"Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic"

"Well worth going to; my husband and I really got a lot out
of it!"

 "I attended in Victoria on the last day of my vacation and  thoroughly enjoyed every part of the evening.  It was valuable because I felt it was doable"

"You are sooo funny! You make learning a joy! Thank you!"

"The seminar was a delight and your sense of humour was refreshing.  It was very interactive, and all movements were explained in easy to follow steps."

"The evening was better than I could have imagined - the best Friday night I have ever spent!"

"Your humour reminds me of Robin Williams - I have rarely laughed so much!"

"It totally exceeded my expectations!"

"... a truly amazing technique"

"For the first time,
I feel in control of my future and feelings

"On a scale of 1 to 10,
I give you a 10+"


"Theory put to action to obtain very practical results"

"It was really exhilarating - offering hope for a better present and future."

"Wow! Inspirational."

For more tai chi information, please contact Dr. Keith Jeffery at

Tel (250) 947-9950
fax (250) 951-9920
toll free 1 (866) 682-4244

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